Reset Your Digestive System & Feel Your Best With These 5 Tips

'Gut health leads to your overall health.’

Health-minded people know that excellent nutrition is the key to excellent health. When we pay attention to how we nourish our bodies, we reap the benefits of a non-medicinal pharmacy to treat, and in some cases even cure illness.

Here are our 5 top ways to help digestion to leave you feeling your best.

1) WATER. So simple, yet so important. Make water the first thing you have in the morning and have at least one full glass prior to each meal in the day. Not only will this help everything properly digest, but it is easy to mistake hunger for thirst. Drinking water prior to eating will help you eat a proper portion without over eating.

2) APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. ACV contains the right acidity to help with digestion and break down foods to smaller and more digestible micronutrients. As mentioned, cider vinegar is also a natural liver cleanser. A healthy liver ensures supple production of enzymes needed for digestion. Try taking a shot in the morning, before lunch, and before bed. We recommend diluting it with water and drinking it through a straw due to the acidity!

3) INTERMITTENT FASTING. IF has a ton of benefits and one of them is aiding in digestion. Say goodbye to your bloating days, Fasting allows for the body's enzyme system to focus on detoxifying and breaking down toxins in the body quickly and efficiently without the job of heavy food digestion. During fasts, toxins are being circulated in the body in order for our organs to de-arm them. Try the 16-8 hour fasting protocol. Intermittent fasting is a great weight loss tool as well for those looking to shed pounds and feel all around better.

4) NUTRA CLEANSE. NutraCleanse is made from a unique formulation of natural, mostly organic ingredients. NutraCleanse is very high in fiber and has net 2g digestible carbs per 30g serving (2 table spoons). It is also a source of Omega 3 + 6. NutraCleanse™ can help add more fibre to your diet. The product is made of primarily flax seed, which is the ultimate fiber superhero. In addition to flax, NutraCleanse™ also contains psyllium husk, which is also a great cleanse ingredient. By adding NutraCleanse™ to your existing diet, you can turn almost all your favourite foods into high-fiber superstars.

5) PROBIOTIC Taking a good quality probiotic like probitoic15 from TotalBodyhealth can ensure proper digestion and absorption of your food increasing your gut & Overall health.

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