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The Carnivore Diet? Is Eating Meat Healthy, Or Totally F@#$ing Crazy?

Most people have one of two reactions to this Diet:

A) “Are you out of your f**king mind?”


B) “Sign me up!”


1) Doesn't eating lots of red meat, and whole eggs cause high cholesterol?

Could eating saturated fats like red meat and whole eggs increase the risk of heart disease in some way that is related to cholesterol?

The short answer is no. There is no association between eating saturated fat and heart disease and there may even be an inverse association in eating saturated fat and strokes (eating saturated fat may decrease the risk of stroke). See "The Big FAT Surprise" written by Nina Teicholz who exposed the truth behind the Science that told us for years that eating red meat ,cheese & eggs causes high Cholesterol.

2) What about missing vitamins and minerals from not eating Vegetables & Fruits?

Red Meat is loaded with vitamins and minerals!

There are certain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids (building blocks of protein) we can only get from our diet. These are called essential nutrients and are vital for our bodies and minds to function well. If you don’t get essential nutrients you won’t function well and you are putting yourself at risk for a shorter lifespan.

Nutrient density of a type of food is measured in terms of how many essential nutrients are in a weight per serving. Carbohydrates and fats are important for health as well, but with the exception of two fatty acids, they can be provided by the body for a short period of time if dietary intake is lacking.

3) Don't I need carbohydrates for energy?

No! Animal and vegetable fats serve as a concentrated energy source and are the highest energy sources in food. Fats contain 2.25 times the calories per gram than protein or carbohydrates. No dietary requirement exists for fats except for the essential fatty acids they contain.

4) What type of meat should I eat on the Carnivore Diet ?

Your primary focus should be on fatty meat, especially beef & lamb. Chicken, and Salmon are next on your list. If you’d like eggs, and low carb dairy products like Whey Protein, Almond butter, and hard cheeses if you don't have a lactose intolerance.

Your Go-To Beef Cuts:

  • Steaks (ribeye, sirloin, strip, chuck eye)

  • Roasts (Prime rib, chick, brisket)

  • Ground beef

  • Organs if you want (though not necessary)

5) Will, I get kidney stones from eating that much Red Meat?

Since oxalates are only found in plant foods, all the meats are safe. Fish, too.

For our vegetarian friends, tofu and veggie burgers are very high in Oxalates.

Eat oxalates wisely. Foods high in this chemical may increase formation of kidney stones. If you’ve already had kidney stones, you may wish to reduce or eliminate oxalates from your diet completely. If you’re trying to avoid kidney stones, check with your doctor to determine if limiting these foods is enough. If you do eat foods containing oxalates, always make sure to eat or drink a calcium source with them.

Foods high (>10mg per serving) in oxalates include:

  • spinach, okra, beets (root and leaves), Swiss chard.

  • star fruit, rhubarb, dried figs.

  • peanuts, tree nuts (pecans, almonds, hazelnuts)

  • soybeans (including tofu and meat substitutes made with soy)

  • black tea.

  • wheat bran.

  • buckwheat.

  • dark chocolate.

  • eat less salt, added sugar, and products containing high fructose corn syrup

  • avoid foods and drinks high in oxalates and phosphates


For many of the same reasons people try a ketogenic diets: weight loss, clearer thinking, fewer digestive problems, controlled reduction in calories , no carb/sugar cravings and a simple approach to eating that lets them consume foods they enjoy."

Interesting in trying a Carnivore or Keto Style Nutrition Plan? Contact Dean at or check-out his website at

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