The 'Key' To Burning Fat

Most of the ketone supplements out there are either underdosed or overpriced - some don't even bother to disclose how much BHB (ie ketones) is used in their product. And why would they? BHB is EXTREMELY expensive. So by not disclosing the amount the can get away with putting in as little as they want and still claim it's a ketone supplement while keeping their costs as low as possible.

SD Pharma -"Ketones” product discloses everything right there on their label so you know EXACTLY what you are getting. I can tell you I was not surprised that Ketones by SD Pharma gave me more energy, mental clarity and improved my training more than any other ketone supplement. Just take a few minutes and look at the product label . You will see that Ketones by SD has more ketones per serving and comes in at a fraction of the cost of every other product out there.

DEAN : Ive been using the unflavoured Ketone powder and adding it to my water bottle pre-workout. I can also tell you that I have never sweated this much during a workout? is this a a sign my METABOLISM was cranked up doing my METABOLIC365 Workout! I think so! as I’m currently on DAY40 of a Zero Carb Keto-Carnivore Diet, these Ketones are extremely helpful with additional energy during my workouts.

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