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Bulletproof Coffee and Intermittent Fasting

A lot of people ask if you can drink anything or take anything to help you through your 16 hour Intermittent Fasting period. Aside from water, coffee, and apple cider vinegar, I highly suggest having a Bulletproof Coffee in the morning during your fast.

Coffee and oil mixed together doesn't really sound like your typical breakfast but once you try it for yourself you will never want to turn back!

Among Bulletproof coffee's listed of health benefits; it triggers weight loss by way of Ketosis, a metabolic state triggered by lack of carbs that kicks fat-burning into overdrive, helps kill cravings, it boosts cognitive function, gives you mental clarity and clears you of your morning brain fog, and gives you a boost of energy like no other!

Plain IF helps you enter Ketosis (fat burning mode that is good for your brain) but then you end ketosis if you eat carb-containing foods at the end of a fast. Using Coconut oil in your coffee increases the speed at which you go into Ketosis even if the presence of some carbs is in your diet.

How to make Bulletproof coffee:

Mix in 1 tsp of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil with your morning coffee. You can blend the two together to give your coffee extra froth like that 500 calorie Latte that you love.

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