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BIKINI BODY PROGRAM - 4-Week program is $199.00

1 x Meal Plan –Custom Meal Plan Based on your requirements ( Height ,Weight ,Current Activity Level) plus any restrictions, allergies, etc.

1 x Bikini Body Recipe Ebook – Used for options to change meals on your Meal Plan.

1 x Bikini Training Program –Same Workouts used by our Bikini Team Members prepping for shows, Home Workouts can be requested.

2 x Body Fat Scan Testing- Done Twice (At Start of program and again at the end) to chart your progress and KEEP you accountable.

***NOW INCLUDES DEXA SCAN MACHINE **** with our new Inbody270 Medical Grade Machine.

Online Coaching Support & Feedback Via Email for all your Questions.

15% Discount on TotalBodyHealth Natural supplements (a few are required on this program)

15% Discount on all other Supplements Available at our gym.

Additional costs if requested:

1on1 Training sessions -$75 + GST per Session (Regular $79)


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